April 4, 2017

Humanizer - dotnet core package a day - 15


This post is part of a series, dotnet core package a day, where for 15 days I will be posting an overview of an awesome OSS dotnet package that already has support for dotnet core. In this post we will cover Humanizer.

Humanizer meets all your .NET needs for manipulating and displaying strings, enums, dates, times, timespans, numbers and quantities

At the time of writing the Humanizer package has 405,462 downloads on NuGet. The publish of it's v2.1.0 release to NuGet on the 4th July 2016 added support for dotnet core (.net standard 1.0).

As far as I can tell Humanizer development is led by Oren Novotny after it was handed over by Mehdi Khalili, it is under active development with contributions from over 100 people.

Humanizer is a relatively simple library that does what it does well. It's easy to think that writing a quick "utility function" negates some of the common uses of Humanizer, for instance to produce a quantity string with a singular or plural count, like 1 beer or 2 beers, but Humanizer considers all of the edge cases, it's well tested, and has an api that is easy to use.

What the community thinks

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Massive thanks to Oren Novotny, Mehdi Khalili, and the wider community.

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