March 14, 2017

Raising awareness of great packages that already support dotnet core!

There appears to be a never ending stream of content out there these days about the demise of dotnet and the difficulties of dotnet core adoption. I think we could be about to hit a turning point, with the recent 1.1.1 release and new tooling support in Visual Studio 2017 everything is starting to come together. I don't use Visual Studio much but the tooling in Visual Studio Code is just as good, it's a pleasure to use at the moment.

Many people I've spoken to about starting to use dotnet core have cited a lack of adoption in the community and particularly third party library authors as reasons to defer their own usage. In this series of posts I aim to highlight an awesome library that already has dotnet core support, every day, for 15 days.

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Posts and emails will start on the 20th March.

Tags: dotnet core