March 24, 2017

DataStax C# Driver - dotnet core package a day - 5


This post is part of a series, dotnet core package a day, where for 15 days I will be posting an overview of an awesome OSS dotnet package that already has support for dotnet core. In this post we will cover DataStax C# Driver.

A modern, feature-rich and highly tunable C# client library for Apache Cassandra (1.2+) and DataStax Enterprise (3.1+) using exclusively Cassandra's binary protocol and Cassandra Query Language v3.


Sync and Async API
Simple, Prepared, and Batch statements
Asynchronous IO, parallel execution, request pipelining
Connection pooling
Auto node discovery
Automatic reconnection
Configurable load balancing and retry policies
Works with any cluster size
Linq2Cql and Ado.Net support

DataStax C# Driver is the most actively developed dotnet client for Apache Cassandra. At the time of writing it has 145,882 downloads on NuGet. The publish of it's v3.1.0 release to NuGet on the 17th October 2016 added support for dotnet core (.net standard 1.5).

DataStax C# Driver development is led by the Client Drivers team at DataStax. There have been small contributions from the community but the guys at DataStax are doing an awesome job and were quick to get a dotnet core version out. It's pretty awesome to think that we have a fast and reliable cross platform C# cassandra driver.

What the community thinks

This is another one where there is little interaction on social media sites like twitter, so the examples below are a little old.

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There are currently no alternative Cassandra libraries for dotnet core, there is cassandra-sharp but it does not have dotnet core support.

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