November 24, 2015

A request for a Clojure code review!

So, I've gradually been spending more time looking at and writing Clojure. I've read plenty of books and looked at useful blog posts and articles. I've coded a few things and tried to write a few blog posts. I'm still a newb though and the thought of ever writing Clojure for a living is far far away. I love the language, and the interactions I've had with the community so far have been great but the market for remote (or local) Clojure work is pretty slim.

Most recently I've started to look at ClojureScript a bit more and also started working on a minimal Clojure(Script) validation library.

The trouble with learning a new language is that you never really have a guide for how you are doing. With that in mind I've got a request, it would be really really cool if I could get a few people to "code review" clova for me. In order to contribute something back myself, for each "code review", submitted as a GitHub issue or pull request I will donate $10 to the Clojars Team*. This is something I am already contributing to.

Since the point of this is to learn more, then any constructive criticism will be well received. As clova is open source it will also benefit others! If anyone ever uses it that is ;)

* If you want me to donate to something else in the Clojure community then let me know.

Tags: clojure clova